Scandal! Teasers – July 2023 Episodes

Scandal! Teasers – July 2023

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Thursday 1 June 2023
Episode 4356

Vuvu shows kindness to a snake. Will Jogo’s secret be exposed when he’s caught in a lie? Gloria continues to mess with a dead man’s wife and faces his wrath from beyond the grave.

Friday 2 June 2023
Episode 4357

Vuvu realizes how entangled she is and Me’Shell is given a stumbling block of her own. Jojo struggles to keep his cards close to his chest. Gloria’s obsession gets in the way of Caiphus’ needs.

Monday 5 June 2023
Episode 4358

New information threatens to foil a woman’s plan, so she pulls another trick. A man almost escapes his captor but gets caught in a trap instead.

Tuesday 6 June 2023
Episode 4359

A confrontation goes terrifyingly wrong, while the body count grows. A man has a lot of explaining to do when his secret is discovered. Ndu receives a message from the afterlife.

Wednesday 7 June 2023
Episode 4360

A pair of friends are forced to come up with a plan to get them out of a sticky situation. Will a man finally do the right thing when faced with the error of his ways? Ndu shares his spectral encounter with Gloria.

Thursday 8 June 2023
Episode 4361

Will Taps prove that a friend in need is a friend indeed? Jojo learns that when one lies with dogs, they wake up with fleas. Gloria makes a stupid move.

Friday 9 June 2023
Episode 4362

Things heat up when something sparkly catches Selepe’s eye. Winnie drops a bombshell on Jojo. Gloria’s inability to let things go lands her in hot water.

Monday 12 June 2023
Episode 4363

An alarming revelation has the police sniffing around, which worries the culprit. A woman’s “Prince Charming” doesn’t quite fit the man she imagined. Turns out, Portia’s been keeping a huge secret.

Tuesday 13 June 2023
Episode 4364

A group of co-conspirators fears that one of them might sell them down the river. The resurfacing of the past has Jojo confronted by his prejudice.

Wednesday 14 June 2023
Episode 4365

A mysterious delivery has Vuvu’s paranoia peeked. A new relationship starts to look transactional to one partner. The ultimate scheme is revealed.

Thursday 15 June 2023
Episode 4367

A woman confronts her crisis but has a haunting feeling that not all is resolved. Phakamile fights for her independence. Gloria is forced to lie to a close friend.

Friday 16 June 2023
Episode 4368

Taps is tasked with a job that’s right up his alley. Gloria gets a secret house guest. Desperate for a job, an unemployed graduate tries to sell his marketing skills at Black Link.

Monday 19 June 2023
Episode 4369

Vuvu flips when she receives an unwanted gift related to her bad deeds. Bongi believes that all her dreams are coming true. Gloria tries to talk some sense into someone.

Tuesday 20 June 2023
Episode 4370

Mdala’s world is shaken when he receives shocking news from home. A young desperate man has his world turned upside down. Gloria crosses a line that should never be crossed.

Wednesday 21 June 2023
Episode 4371

An eye for an eye is a man’s only way out of his affliction. Dintle finds an amazing addition to the newsroom. Calphus heaps burning coals onto Gloria’s head.

Thursday 22 June 2023
Episode 4372

Tlhogi hears a horrific story and fears that things might take a violent turn. A man living a double life worries that he won’t be able to keep up appearances.

Friday 23 June 2023
Episode 4373

Mdala is determined to face his past head on. Dintle is quick to connect with her new hire. Caiphus and Ndumiso make a shocking discovery.

Monday 26 June 2023
Episode 4374

An elder speaks words of sense to her loved one. A woman impresses some, but her behavior has others raising an eyebrow. Gloria makes a confession to Caphus.

Tuesday 27 June 2023
Episode 4375

A family member discusses their deadly betrayal with their accomplice. A girl’s night out attracts unwanted attention. Gloria is tempted when a secret plan is revealed to her.

Wednesday 28 June 2023
Episode 4376

A woman is plagued by the secrets she keeps. A tricky romantic entanglement calls for a quick escape. Gloria discovers that someone close to her has been compromised.

Thursday 29 June 2023
Episode 4377

Kgari unwittingly pours petrol onto Mdala’s fire. A sister creates complications with her embellishments. Gloria and Caiphus find themselves with their backs against the wall.

Friday 30 June 2023
Episode 4378

When the past comes back to bite her, a woman finds herself in a desperate position. A cover is blown, and it threatens to leave someone destitute. Throwing a loved one under the bus earns a TV host a job.

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