House of Zwide 3 Teasers – October 2023 Episodes

Friday 1 September 2023
Episode 35

Funani tells Faith to go back to the drawing board, while Sandile celebrates the great work he did, only to be disappointed by the news later on.

Monday 4 September 2023
Episode 36

Pearl stays behind when she learns that both Mampho and Molefe are working late and discovers how Molefe has been blackmailing Mampho.

Tuesday 5 September 2023
Episode 37

Nandipha interrupts Nkosi and Faith having lunch and Faith brags to Nandipha that Funani’s legacy is about to be cemented. Nandipha then decides to pay Funani a visit with some ‘good news’.

Wednesday 6 September 2023
Episode 38

Nandipha tells Funani she’s working on moving up the trial date, and the Zwides are shocked to learn Nandipha wants to start the trial the day that Funani is meant to be honoured.

Thursday 7 September 2023
Episode 39

Nandipha appeals for justice to the public to put pressure on prosecutors to move up the trial date. Faith worries about how this will affect Vogue Africa and her fears are confirmed when the Editor shows up with bad news.

Friday 8 September 2023
Episode 40

The Vogue Editor has decided to drop House of Zwide but she changes her mind when she gets a look at Ona’s impressive designs.

Monday 11 September 2023
Episode 41

Funani tells Ona to come see him, so they can discuss the collection. Their meeting gets off to a rocky start, but they soon enter a flow state where they begin to enjoy working together.

Tuesday 12 September 2023
Episode 42

Nkosi tells Faith that Funani wants him to get rid of the evidence against him, and Nkosi is keen to please his father. Nkosi sends Benjamin in to destroy evidence, but Nandipha proves to be a major roadblock.

Wednesday 13 Sepetmber 2023
Episode 43

Zanele announces she’s moving in with Zola and she refuses to listen to Faith, who advises against it. And Faith ends up tasking Dorothy with stopping Zanele.

Thursday 14 September 2023
Episode 44

Ona runs into a distraught Mampho who has just had a fight with her mother. The two have a sincere conversation, and Ona ends up suggesting that Maria should start working for Rea.

Friday 15 September 2023
Episode 45

Zola has made a vision board for Zanele’s future and Zanele loves it. They shoot content together, and it does so well that Zanele ends up suggesting to Laz that she cut down on working for House of Zwide.

Monday 18 September 2023
Episode 46

Mampho threatens to call the police and have Maria evicted if she doesn’t go back to Rea and make things right. Maria finds herself working for the Molapos.

Tuesday 19 September 2023
Episode 47

Funani tells Nandipha that he surrenders and wants to confess. But it’s revealed to be a trick to get information out of her.

Wednesday 20 September 2023
Episode 48

Maria breaks down in real tears at the thought of going back to work for Rea, but Mampho reminds Maria that she was once a self-made woman and encourages her to persevere.

Thursday 21 September 2023
Episode 49

Funani is summoned to sign a confession which he’s willing to do to protect his family, while Laz approaches Nandipha’s victims building a case against her.

Friday 22 September 2023
Episode 50

Laz comes barging in to stop Funani from confessing right at the last minute, and she reveals she has recordings of multiple people talking about how Nandipha screwed them over.

Monday 25 September 2023
Episode 51

Funani and Ona work together to get ready to showcase their new collection at the gala event and Faith feels a little sidelined.

Tuesday 26 September 2023
Episode 52

Nandipha confronts Funani at the gala event and reveals she actually has a gun. Determined to get justice for her brother, she pulls the trigger but Faith leaps in front of Funani and takes the bullet.

Wednesday 27 September 2023
Episode 53

Laz and Pearl admire the outfit Zanele is wearing but Zanele takes exception to Laz’s assertion that Zola is controlling.

Thursday 28 September 2023
Episode 54

Zola feels vindicated as Zanele reports back that her friends at work loved the outfit he chose for her. He reminds her that he alone knows better than anybody else what is good for her.

Friday 29 September 2023
Episode 55

Nkosi wonders whether it’s time to forgive Faith, while Ona realizes she was not even mentioned in Vogue Africa.

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