Arendsvlei Teasers – July 2023

Arendsvlei Teasers – July 2023 Episodes

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Thursday 1 June 2023
Episode 144

Daniel makes it clear to Saartjie that Sonia is going nowhere, she’ll always be by his side. Bompie is looking forward to being released and Rachel prepares to do the unfathomable.

Monday 5 June 2023
Episode 145

Rachel tries to silence Anthony for good. Beatrice finds out about Daniel and Sonia being a couple. Bompie takes his revenge on Lennie.

Tuesday 6 June 2023
Episode 146

The Cupidos struggle to understand Anthony’s actions. Daniel is furious with Saartjie. Judy seeks revenge on Ivan and his friends after she found out about the bet.

Wednesday 7 June 2023
Episode 147

Anthony confesses everything and a shocked Beatrice and Thys must decide how to deal with it. Simone cautions Judy to get her facts straight before throwing her happiness away. Saartjie is convinced there is something dodgy about Sonia and starts digging for information.

Thursday 8 June 2023
Episode 148

Anthony is released from the hospital – he is disappointed by Adam’s reaction towards his homecoming. Langes goes straight to Ayesha after being released from prison. Saartjie and Beatrice are upset by Daniel’s move to cut them out of his life.

Monday 12 June 2023
Episode 149

Bianca gives the Cupidos feedback on what she discovered. Rachel wants Adam to meet Desmond and Saartjie is desperate for Daniel to see Sonia for who she really is.

Tuesday 13 June 2023
Episode 150

Ruby and Lennie tell Dominee of their plan to start up the parents group again. Ivan accuses Judy of being selfish and only thinking of her own needs. The Cupidos stage a protest against Desmond’s plan to open a casino in Arendsvlei.

Wednesday 14 June 2023
Episode 151

The police question Rachel and Desmond, but will the two of them reveal anything? Daniel and Sonia have a big fight, while Ruby denies her obvious feelings for Lennie.

Thursday 15 June 2023
Episode 152

Karelse shares shocking news with the Cupido’s but there is silver lining. Lennie and Langes find out Tanner is wanted by the police. Daniel finally sees Sonia’s true colours.

Monday 19 June 2023
Episode 153

Rachel finds out something shocking that has serious consequences for her. Daniel makes a decision about Sonia’s betrayal. Eva and Tanner return to the country – they are in big trouble.

Tuesday 20 June 2023
Episode 154

Desmond tells Rachel he knew she was pregnant and she has no right to take his baby’s life. Tanner robs a supermarket to get money and Adam is relieved that his parents are ready to get a divorce.

Wednesday 21 June 2023
Episode 155

Eva takes the car keys and some of the store robbed money and drives away from Tanner. Sasha offers to help Anthony plan Adam’s birthday party. Beatrice refuses Anthony’s invitation to Adam’s party, citing unforgiveness towards Rachel.

Thursday 22 June 2023
Episode 156

Anthony is looking forward to treating Adam on his birthday. Langes continues trying to win Ayesha back and life back in Arendsvlei is a struggle for Eva.

Monday 26 June 2023
Episode 157

Adam is over the moon with Desmond’s present but this causes a lot of problems for Anthony. Ayesha and Langes have a ‘just-friends’ date. Lennie and Eva have a very difficult conversation.

Tuesday 27 June 2023
Episode 158

Anthony assures Beatrice and Thys that Rachel will not be interested in the school shares. Ayesha opens up to Janice about her and Langes’s relationship. Eva and Langes talk about Lennie. She wonders if he will ever forgive her.

Wednesday 28 June 2023
Episode 159

Ruby gets some good advice from Yvette about Eva. Lennie’s resistance is put to the test. Anthony and Rachel start the divorce proceedings, but it seems Rachel has the upper hand.

Thursday 29 June 2023
Episode 160

Janice agrees to help the Cupidos defend Anthony against Rachel. Lennie asks Ruby a favour that pushes the boundaries of their friendship. Ayesha is scared what her father will say about her dating a non-Islam Langes.

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