Anupama Teasers – July 2023 Latest Episodes

Anupama Teasers – July 2023

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Thursday 1 June 2023
Episode 763

Dimple and Anupama call reporters outside the Mehta house for an interview. The residents of Ahmedabad join forces to teach Mannath and Vijendra Mehta a lesson.

Friday 2 June 2023
Episode 764

The men throw firecrackers at the women sitting outside their house. Regardless, Anupama and her followers seek justice for Dimple.

Saturday 3 June 2023
Episode 765

Criticizing her behavior, Samar dislikes Pakhi and the two argue. Leela asks Anupama to keep Dimple away from Samar.

Sunday 4 June 2023
Episode 766

Anupama is made anxious by Pakhi’s behavior toward Adhik and suggests Pakhi pursue her education. Samar is furious when Leela disrespects Dimple.

Monday 5 June 2023
Episode 767

The Shahs overhear Adhik and Pakhi’s phone conversation and Vanraj gets irked and storms off to confront Adhik about how they spoke to Pakhi.

Tuesday 6 June 2023
Episode 768

Adhik is appalled by Pakhi’s behavior and decides to leave her. When Vanraj learns about Adhik’s decision, he visits the Kapadia house.

Wednesday 7 June 2023
Episode 769

Vanraj storms into the Kapadia mansion to confront Adhik. Anuj calls Pakhi and attempts to clear the air between her and Adhik.

Thursday 8 June 2023
Episode 770

Pakhi spots Adhik chilling with Dimple at the Kapadia mansion and misunderstands them. Meanwhile, Vanraj issues a warning to Anupama.

Friday 9 June 2023
Episode 771

Anupama has an emotional breakdown when a difference ensues between Anuj and her relationship. Elsewhere, Pakhi grows anxious when she sees Adhik and Dimple’s friendship.

Saturday 10 June 2023
Episode 772

The Kapadias argue at breakfast about Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding. Later, the couple’s relationship gets worse due to a conflict.

Sunday 11 June 2023
Episode 773

Anupama visits a Christmas party with Anu, Kinjal, and Pari to have quality time. Adhik is shocked when he receives a shocking message from Pakhi to end her life.

Monday 12 June 2023
Episode 774

The Kapadias are shocked to see Pakhi’s behavior after a bunch of wrong deeds. When Vanraj calls Anupama to handle things, Anuj makes a decision.

Tuesday 13 June 2023
Episode 775

The Kapadias lodge an apprehension case against Vanraj and Pakhi. The police officers arrive at the Shah house as Vanraj is unconcerned about Pakhi and Adhik’s bond.

Wednesday 14 June 2023
Episode 776

Anupama is shocked when Hasmukh supports Barkha’s accusation against Pakhi and Vanraj. Pakhi feels shattered when Adhik decides to break up their marriage.

Thursday 15 June 2023
Episode 777

Vanraj is dejected after finally realizing that Anupama was always right about Pakhi. Meanwhile, Anupama feels guilty for not standing by Pakhi during her toughest moments.

Friday 16 June 2023
Episode 778

Anupama finds Pakhi and tells her how she has destroyed all happiness in her life. Pakhi realizes her mistakes and asks for one last chance from Adhik.

Saturday 17 June 2023
Episode 779

Adhik gives Pakhi one last chance to apologize to everyone, but Anuj objects to her actions. Furthermore, Anuj teaches Pakhi a valuable lesson.

Sunday 18 June 2023
Episode 780

Anupama rushes to the Shah house to take care of Pari in Kinjal’s absence. She gets into a tough spot when Anu wakes up screaming and does not find her mother with her.

Monday 19 June 2023
Episode 781

The Shahs accompany Anupama to stay at her house until Kinjal’s return. While Barkha gets irritated, Anuj advises Anupama to spend quality time with Anu.

Tuesday 20 June 2023
Episode 782

Furious, Leela accuses Barkha of interfering in Adhik and Pakhi’s lives – she spots Samar and Dimpy together. Hasmukh worries about Anuj and Anupama’s relationship.

Wednesday 21 June 2023
Episode 783

Leela begins arguing and questioning Barkha about her stay becoming a burden on Anupama. Anupama and Anuj shake a leg as she practices for the dance event.

Thursday 22 June 2023
Episode 784

As the other members go to Anu’s school, Anupama remains behind to prepare Leela’s lunch. While Anupama is late for the event, Anu eagerly awaits her.

Friday 23 June 2023
Episode 785

Anuj fumes in anger when Anupama is late for Anu and her performance. Later, when Anupama arrives at Anu’s school, she asks for a chance to perform.

Saturday 24 June 2023
Episode 786

Anuj ignores Anupama’s apology and blames her for prioritizing the family before Anu. Elsewhere, Hasmukh questions Leela for making Anupama late while Leela denies it.

Sunday 25 June 2023
Episode 787

Anupama gets into a tough spot when Anuj asks her to set her priorities. Anupama feels dejected when Anuj allows Anu to go for a picnic without her consent.

Monday 26 June 2023
Episode 788

Leela reveals that she would leave the house, but Dimple doesn’t let her leave; Anupama tries to make up with Anuj, but he gives her the cold shoulder.

Tuesday 27 June 2023
Episode 789

On his way to office, Hasmukh offers Anuj some relationship advice since he wants Anupama to stay with him. Hasmukh experiences a tragedy after Anuj leaves him.

Wednesday 28 June 2023
Episode 790

Vanraj holds Anupama and Anuj responsible for Hasmukh’s disappearance and insults them. Anuj refuses to tolerate the slurs and vehemently stands up for Anupama.

Thursday 29 June 2023
Episode 791

During the conflict between the Shahs and Anuj, Kavya also complains about Leela. Later, Hasmukh shows up but is peeved with his family for ridiculing Anuj.

Friday 30 June 2023
Episode 792

Anuj asks Anupama to focus on their family instead of Vanraj’s. Ahead of New Year, the Kapadias and the Shahs experience changes in their relationships.


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